2019 Mercedes G-Wagen Review & Changes

2019 Mercedes G-Wagen Review & Changes – As numerous of you probably know, Colorado is a prime place for auto producers to test their new vehicles. As it so takes place, we are situated in Colorado. As such, we are fortunate to view several of these prototype vehicles first-palm. Nonetheless, we never usually have time to be up in the mountains pursuing these vehicles close to. Fortunately, we have now awesome visitors like Seth Change who are typically adequate to deliver us some of their own spy photos and video clips. Seth kindly supplied us with these shots of the 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen testing in the hills of Colorado.

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2019 MERCEDES G WAGEN 2019 Mercedes G Wagen Review & Changes


The Mercedes G-Wagen has become an icon of the off-road world for some time now. It provides always featured the very same boxy design given that its introduction in 1979. Nonetheless, it would appear that this new model may possibly see some modern enhancements to its traditional design. Underneath all the camouflage and cladding seems to be a new front fascia with some LED ‘halo’ style front lights. Plus, this prototype features a barbeque grill that is a bit various to the timeless appearance of the G-Wagen.

2019 MERCEDES G WAGEN INTERIOR 2019 Mercedes G Wagen Review & Changes


Of course, not all things have transformed. Mostly, this model looks nearly the same as its long line of boxy, 4×4 predecessors. Nonetheless, other than these spy shots, we really never know a good deal about the 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen. For more information on this luxury SUV, be guaranteed to keep tuned to TFLcar. Once more, really special thanks to Seth Move for these amazing shots. If you manage to catch some spy shots of your very own and feel nice enough to discuss them with us, please send them into information@tflcar.com and that we may just feature them in a tale!

2019 MERCEDES G WAGEN SPECS 2019 Mercedes G Wagen Review & Changes